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PS: A full-length novel called Skelton Yawngrave in the second kind of darkness is almost finished.To listen to a clip click here....
Yippee! The first Skelton Yawngrave book has just been published! It is called Defenders of Guernsey.  It's only 54 pages long but packs in a lot of adventure.

Skelton flies to the island of Guernsey to visit his cousin Archibald Ferbrache. But Archibald's neighbour Tabby Marquis is on a mission to rescue her kidnapped sister. With the help of the entirely Normal skeleton men Skelton Yawngrave and Archibald Ferbrache, Tabby faces a giant ghost, grim dolmens, a terrifying underground journey, a conger eel attack and a deadly battle on the stones of Saints Bay.

There are two more adventures planned for Skelton in Guernsey, the second one is called Invaders of Guernsey, and the final adventure is Liberators of Guernsey.

If you don't have a copy of Defenders of Guernsey yet, you can get a parent or responsible adult (if you can find one!) to buy a copy here.
Front cover of Defenders of Guernsey featuring a ghostly goat.